Roald Dahl's Imaginormous Challenge 2019

Get Imaginormous in the Classroom with Minecraft

It's splendidly simple to bring the Imaginormous Challenge into your classroom - we've worked with Minecraft: Education Edition to create a lesson plan, encouraging young imaginators to get creating. Take a peek below!


Student Activities

Review with the students the previous winning Minecraft entries, looking at the 100 word or less story ideas. Discuss where they might have got the inspiration for them? What might happen next in the stories? How might they have taken an idea and developed it into a story?

2017: Cole, Age 11, Story and Minecraft World

2018: Madeline, Age 12, Story and Minecraft World

Having discussed the story ideas, dive into the worlds which the professional builders created and encourage exploration. Find the worlds in the in-game Library, or download from the above links and open within Minecraft: Education Edition.

Discuss the worlds, looking at key descriptors or thinking about characters who could live there.

Then ask students to think about their own 100 word or less story ideas, which could be potentially be transformed into a Minecraft world.

Ask them to share them with the class if they so wish, explaining which elements might work particularly well in a Minecraft.

Encourage students to enter their story ideas into the challenge.


Performance Expectations

• Students should be active participants in all activities.

• Students will be able to describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text (e.g., a character’s thoughts, words, or actions).

• Students will be able to write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, descriptive details, and clear event sequences.


Discover and download the full lesson plan here!


Get inspired by reading more from the amazing world of Roald Dahl!

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