Roald Dahl's Imaginormous Challenge 2019

How to enter your story idea

Not sure how to send your Imaginormous story idea to Mr Wonka? We've got all kinds of ways for you to enter and have a chance of getting your hands on that Golden Ticket.


This year, there are all kinds of ways you can enter your story idea into the Imaginormous Challenge - but if you're feeling a little confused, let us show you the way.

If you're a child with a story idea...

Entering your story idea couldn't be simpler.
We just need a few details about you (so we can get in touch if Mr Wonka chooses your entry!) - then type your entry out into the box.
Finally, select which of our Golden Ticket prizes you would like your story idea to become, and hit the big purple button to send!

If you're a parent or a teacher...

Getting started

First, tell us who you are. Are you the parent of a child with a splendiferous idea?
Or are you a teacher with a whole class of budding young imaginators?

Tell us about yourself

We need just a few details about you so we can get in touch if Mr Wonka chooses a story idea that you've entered!

Add your imaginators

Did you know you can enter ideas for more than one child - all in one go?
Create a mini profile for each child that you're entering on behalf of with the button here.

Upload their story ideas

You're ready to upload all the wondrous story ideas from your imaginators.
There are two ways to do this: story ideas can be typed out...

...or if you toggle over to the 'Upload Story' tab, they can be uploaded as a photo - perfect for teachers with hundreds and thousands of entries to send!
A snap from your phone will do just fine - Mr Wonka has been busy working on a genius invention that can transform your photos into text in a matter of seconds!

Choose their Golden Ticket prize

However you upload your entries, you'll need to select which of our marvellous prizes your young imaginator would like their story idea to become.
Find out more about each of them here.

Send to Wonka!

Finally, check these brilliant boxes before hitting the big purple button to send!


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