Roald Dahl's Imaginormous Challenge 2019

Making your story stand out

Every Imaginormous Challenge, Wonka receives hundreds and thousands of story ideas to read – it’s almost impossible to choose the winners of the Golden Ticket prizes! But don’t worry – we’ve got some terrific tips on how to make yours truly spectacular.


We took a look at all of the top entries from 2018 – and noticed a couple of themes that were very popular. For example, over a quarter of the top story ideas featured families, and almost a third featured talking animals! There was also a gigantic stack of stories about magic – and an almost as big stack about school.

We also had a peek at the most commonly used words – lots and lots of story ideas described things that were little, secret or magical, and we saw hundreds of characters find, make and see.

So – what goes into a truly imaginative story idea? A prize-winning idea doesn’t need to be over-the-top or wacky – but remember that Mr Wonka loves to be surprised! 

In 2018, we only had one story that featured penguins. So you could try that – or how about lasers, kidnapping, lightbulbs or a shed? All of those things only appeared once!

When describing people or things, some words that were only used once include furry, witchy, or (our favourite) iridescent – and only a handful of characters in 2018 got the chance to bake, roam, or dive.

Need more inspiration? You can read the prize-winning story ideas from 2018 here.


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