Roald Dahl's Imaginormous Challenge 2019

Our favorite story ideas from 2018

Looking for some story idea inspiration? Read on dear friends and some of the fantastical story ideas we encountered in 2018!


In 2018 we had many many fantastic story ideas submitted in Roald Dahl's Imaginormous Challenge! 

So if you're looking for a little inspiration may we suggest you take a sneaky peek at these simply splendid story ideas! 


Prize-winner: Toy Design

In the ocean live special cat mermaids. Their tails glow and sparkle one day each year on Gem Day and give the human mermaids magic. Without it, they would turn to stone.

The Snatcher is the king of the dolphins. He wants to have all the magic of the ocean and be super powerful.

On Gem Day, the Snatcher finds the glowing, sparkle light from the cat mermaid tails. He traps the cat mermaids. One brave cat mermaid, Merlisia, was not trapped and starts a quest to save her cat mermaid friends so the human mermaids come back to life.


Prize-winner: Sweet Treat

Pepper is a peppermint shrimp who lives on the ocean floor with his best friend, Fred, a ghost crab. They sit and watch the fish above, wishing they too could fly. What Pepper doesn't know is that Fred is a secret agent, fighting the ominous Order of the Octopi.

An evil octopus is trying to take over the Ocean, and Fred and Pepper only have one hope to stop them: getting the sharks on their side. Yet while Fred has a unit of seahorses to carry secret messages to the shark, Pepper fearlessly sets out to defeat the Octopi himself.


Prize-winner: Theatrical Creation 

The Story of Sneezles, the Lesser Long Nosed Bat, who has a cold as always, but today is a good day, since he wakes up to discover that he’s no longer endangered!

The good news comes while he’s reading the Lesser Known Bat Newspaper delivered to his saguaro cactus. His friend Nosey rushes in and says, “Have you heard the news yet!?” It’s a big relief because now there will be plenty at the family reunion in Mexico. But we have to hope Sneezles can get there before he sneezes off the leaf shape on the tip of his nose!


Prize-winner: Minecraft World

As Renna looked around the home she had worked so hard to build, she transmogrified herself beautiful lapis blue dragon wings, with a tail to match.

The Adorian Village; Hidden away in the broad taiga. Hera’s spaceship glistened, while the dragon stables roared with life. She saw a myriad of wolves running towards the waterfall, and magnificent blonde horses racing beside with Chirpies on their backs. The castle turrets towered above the leaves, as the striking flag of Adoria fluttered in the wind. As she looked towards the sky-island belonging to Lilith, clouds flew underneath it. She smiled. “My home.”


Prize-winner: Published e-Book

Far far away there is a planet called Upside Downopolis.On this planet in the littlest town there is a boy named Pig. He has a pet pig named Boy.

On this planet music is forbidden, but Pig and Boy listen to music in secret. Pig’s parents discover he is listening to music and send him to boarding school with Boy. Pig discovers that Boy is really a magical music dragon, and in time of great need, Boy turns into a dragon guitar that Pig can play. Together they must restore the musical order.


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